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Ok, besides… and my soil wene your mad at me which I forgot to link last time, we've noticed some odd shit popping up.… "*little kitty is inside your stomach*"


tigerprincesskaitlyn.deviantar… looool

tl;dr dis chick es crazy. :C


When I find shit worth writing a blog about.

This time, it comes in the form of longseet, TigerPrincessKaitlyn and their buddies.

Some of you will have seen the thread over at EDF[2] about them, but here's a condensed version of it all:

Bowsnblosoms15 draws oral sex of cars from some disney? movie.

Extreme wtfage, especially when some mofo is saying she's a 'good mom' for drawing it.

He tells me his birthday after my initial confusion as to how is someone 20 and this dumb?. Lulz ensues, especially when the white knights show up to our party.

Then one of them reports us, and ends up getting the other white knight suspended. Sweet irony.

And of course, his lover jumps to his defence after I point out the inevitable. She notices how 'close' he's been getting to his white knight, and breaks up with him for a few hours claiming that he cheated. ( Turns out he was rping or something silly. )

But wait, there's more!

We managed to invade their tinychats, resulting in what is essentially a whole can of lulz worms we ripped open.

longseet pointing his gun at the webcam threatening to shoot me ACROSS THE INTERNET.

There was also a poll going at the time visible here which he deleted soon after seeing the results.

His girlfriend is also amazing, saying such things as inferring because I am a british lesbian, all trolls must be british lesbians. That's right, all of us, everywhere.

[3:48] lilyellowmazda: listen your threats about hacking people are against the law and im gonna haft to go to th
[3:48] lilyellowmazda: police
[3:49] lilyellowmazda: im going to the police and telling
[3:49] max: shush
[3:50] lilyellowmazda: i have the phone right beside me.
[3:50] max: be gd this is not a arguemnt
[3:50] lilyellowmazda: cyberbullying is a federal crime

We listened to her call  with phone that wasn't even on, to no one.

Some Audio for you, but I'm a retard and accidentally had Propane Nightmares playing. Still contains her batshit christianity.

Travis tries to shoot me over the internet again

The devout Christian Cars fanatic threatens to rape my family because I am a troll!

rst8 shows him emo cutter girl and here's his reaction, vomiting sounds included!

tigerprincesskaitlyn accidentally baws to me when I am pretending to be her boyfriend

trools offend kaitlyn

aaaand there's a lot more but that's enough for this right now, the whole thing is on the EDF thread lol

also, more recently:… - A friend of theirs threatening to leave dA because of 'Him' who  is actually multiple people who did this and he doesn't even remember who 'He' is.

Sheer failure everywhere.

Apparently this guy and his friends may be worth an ED article but Idk I don't even do that stuff so yeah.

Updet3, which isn't really an updet because I  only made the last one 3 minutes ago:

[07:03:20] Fluffy kittens: 11:00:11 PM <chibiwolf1005> mm no they can retrieve information from Encyclopedia Dramatrica all the same it wouldn't matter. They wouldn't care about the NAME of the site. Just what's going on ON the site.
[07:03:30] Fluffy kittens: Is she a fucking idiot or something
[07:03:33] Fluffy kittens: Aaaaa
[07:03:46] Jen: I can't think of what to say
[07:03:47] terminally CANCEROUS :o): what's
[07:03:51] terminally CANCEROUS :o): who is hse talking about.
[07:03:53] terminally CANCEROUS :o): LOL
[07:03:55] Jen: I think she's saying the DA staff can get stuff there
[07:04:01] Jen: which makes no sense
[07:04:04] Jen: or some other mods
[07:04:05] Jen: I really don't know


Updet2: she has now DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHING in terms of these hacking shenanigans despite proclaiming keeping them for 'proof' she was hacked LOL

ironically i got a note from HinataXSakuraFanGirl who talked to chibiwolf on someone else's account and admits it all

Might as well vote

in other news it turns out she went to the cops but they were 'closed'
bullshit amirite

and then went with her mom
the mom she hates, amirite
who abuses her and shit, but will apparently save her from the cyber trojan hacker monster o:



Capped just in case


but then who was other accounts


Sooo this has been going on for a few days but it recently got extremely lulzy! o:

Okay, just to explain a few things so the rest makes sense.

1 - Chick argues with me over skype ( Whispered-Time on dA, 'killerNinepins' on skype ), becomes a hypocrite etc basically we had beef with each other [ though I was pretty much just doing it for the lulz ] and I blocked her on skype

2  - She comes and bawws on my page and that of my friend then blocks us immediately after so we can't reply [but later unblocks us both]

3 - She conveniently gets 'hacked' wherein her profile gets covered in 'DICKS', her avatar changed to a dick and balls,  [I have caps of those] this journal and she apparently loses an amount of points [she keeps changing the number: it was 1000, then 1500, now it's 2000? ] to someone I know who she WOULD send them to because she knows she'd get them back; but it's obvious she's bullshitting and making it all up for the attention due to numerous flaws I have documented

4 -… The journal on the right is posted instantly blaming me, I call bullshit, she edits it into this journal

5 - She then posts… which is basically a dramatisation of everything.

6 - Then comes… which is supposedly proof it was me, from hacker90 who we all know is a total sick fuck and is jelly. [ and then says "[3:45:45 PM] killerNinepins: MY password was fiskeoreilly" gg there bro you just gave out your pass ]

"Apparently it's called Encyclopedia Dramatica"


"look if you're in the chat with the "mOtHeRfUcKiNg HaCkEr" then tell them to fucking lay off of me and my friends :/
it's not that fucking hard to tell them to back off unless you just aren't really a friend and think it's FUNNY that I lost some of my work for COLLEGE"



7 - [4:14:10 PM] killerNinepins: That's it. I'm fucking going to the police. I'm done with this shit. I won't stand for being THREATENED, Paige and I would think you'd be a better person than this but apparently dating someone so low brought you down on the scale, too.

8 - My neighbor is in the FBI! And an agent cyber bullying detective! Lololololololol ( By the way, it turns out the FBI agent is retired and can't do shit. )

9 - [4:17:43 PM] killerNinepins: realistically
[4:17:48 PM] killerNinepins: that account has been my life
[4:17:51 PM] killerNinepins: for the last FOUR YEARS
[4:17:56 PM] killerNinepins: I have a 25 MONTH SUB
[4:18:00 PM] killerNinepins: 1500 POINTS
[4:18:06 PM] killerNinepins: A CUSTOM JOURNAL SKIN
[4:18:09 PM] killerNinepins: I PAID FOR
[4:18:16 PM] killerNinepins: AND OVER 600 DEVIATIONS

tl;dr Whispered-Time taking the internet too seriously and faking her own hacking to blame me

if  anything i don't think she even gave the points away and had them all along then made up the reports and shit but idk man

easily trollable o:


[04/08/2011 04:13:54] Emille Zaseur: And she says that her life is absolutely terrible and all that bullshit
[04/08/2011 04:13:55] Emille Zaseur: and then
[04/08/2011 04:14:28] Emille Zaseur: 'Oh my mom abuses me she scratched me once'
[04/08/2011 04:14:39] Emille Zaseur: ... Everyone who saw that laughed
[04/08/2011 04:14:42] Emille Zaseur: I know it's mean
[04/08/2011 04:15:08] Emille Zaseur: but she'd been causing so much bullshit that that intolerable load of idiocy was just
[04/08/2011 04:15:12] Emille Zaseur: priceless
[04/08/2011 04:16:04] KARKAT FANTA: Wait she said that her mom abused her
[04/08/2011 04:16:10] KARKAT FANTA: because she scratched her.
[04/08/2011 04:16:16] Emille Zaseur: Something to that extent, Yes.
"Thanks you your donations we are in the process of buying our own hardware to
run the wiki off of! :D In the meantime, the forums are still up, feel free to register
and chat around. Hop on IRC if you want to talk to us."

-Zaiger, the Jimbo of

Thanks everyone!


Bonus: Totally not mad.
Bonus 2: Not mad at all.

"Hey I'm hanging with EDF people I'm cool yet guise?"…

"lolcows never know when to quit"
-Some Anon.

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